SAP add-on to improve production line planning and start-up control

Applications needed to be developed in the area of engine production line planning and start-up control for this leading automotive manufacturer. These new applications then needed to be integrated into SAP PP (EWB) in order to optimize existing processes so that they can be centrally controlled.

The project team was faced with the following challenges:

  • Dealing with various interface technologies used for the automatic transfer of data from various legacy systems
  • Simultaneous database access requests by a large number of users
  • Achieving a desired system performance when processing mass data
  • Supplying various systems with the results of this application
  • Integration of Excel-based planning in the existing planning process

BMW can now access all relevant data for their production line planning from any of their manufacturing plants utilizing these new applications developed by DMC Austria consultants. All manufacturing sites can now also use the same applications for start-up control and production line planning.

With the new applications, BMW is a step closer in standardizing their systems, usability has been improved, and they were able to realize significant cost savings.